Cold Brew Coffee on Oahu Hawaii

Hoku Coffee Hawaii

Hoku Coffee Hawaii

Cold Brew Coffee on Oahu Hawaii

Rich. Smooth. Bold. Strong.

Cold Brew Coffee is unique in its smooth and strong flavor.

Hoku Cold Brew Coffee is available exclusively on Oahu in a bottle or NITRO on tap. ┬áNITRO Hoku Coffee is an experience in itself, adding a rich crema as the coffee pours from the special NITRO tap – you have never tasted black coffee this creamy and smooth (like a Guinness).

Choose your coffee beans. . .

100% Maui single-origin Beans

100% Waialua North Shore single-origin Beans

100% Organic Beans

100% Local Roast Beans

100% Fair Trade Beans

We keep our ingredients simple: coffee beans and filtered water.

Brewed exclusively in Waimanalo, Hawaii.